New Inhumation Page for Patreon Supporters & Schedule Update

A new Inhumation page is available for supporters on Patreon!

As I’m sure is obvious, I haven’t put up a new Inhumation page for the public in quite a while. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working on the comic! My schedule just doesn’t allow me to maintain any kind of regular updating schedule, so rather than make sporadic posts whenever I happen to finish a page, I’ve decided to try doing a bulk-posting thing.

I’m (fairly) close to the end of the current chapter, so my plan is to finish out all the pages and then post them all at once in a bulk update. Then going forward, I plan to do (much) shorter chapters and post them in their entirety when they are completed. Patreon supporters will still get access to pages as they are being drawn, so if you just can’t wait for those sweet, sweet comics than you can become a supporter and get early access.

I feel like getting a complete chapter once or twice a year will be a better reading experience than a page or two every month. In the mean time, I’ll try to get better about posting samples and updates on my blog and social media.

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