Bust Sample Art

Color Options

All work available as Line Art, Molocolor and Full Color.

Token - Tipsy Backwash

Busts & Icons

Starting at $10

Character's head and shoulders. Great for profile images, gaming icons or tabletop character portraits.

Let's Go Rams Test Sketch 20160407-01

Simple Character

Starting at $15
(+$7 per additional character)

Simple character sketches. Good for character concept sketches, tabletop flavor illustrations or just for fun!

T-Rex Canvas Print 20160815-04

Detailed Character (w/ Simple Backgrou)

Starting at $25
+$15 per character

Full character Illustrations with a simple background.

Illustration for a canvas print

Full Scenes/Comic Pages

Starting at $60

Full illustrated scenes of real peopl, your favorite characters or your OCs.

Have an idea for a commic but can't draw? Let me do the drawing for you!


Terms and Conditons

  • All pieces are for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise agreed upon. (Additional uses may be subject to additional fees).
  • All payments are to be made through PayPal.
  • A 50% advance is required on all commissions. The advance is non-refundable once work has begun.
  • All finished projects shall be delivered as high-res digital files. Prints are available for an additional fee.