What’s your payment and return policy on commissions?

A 50% deposit is due before work on a project can begin. Once the project has gone beyond the sketch phase, this deposit becomes nonrefundable.

Full payment is due once the project has been completed, and the final files or prints will not be delivered until after the full payment has been made.

In the event that a full payment is made up front and the client decides to terminate the project before completion, a partial refund may be issued depending on how much work has been done.

Do you take commissions from outside the US?

We accept commissions for digital project from pretty much anywhere in the world.

For print commissions, that will depend on shipping costs. Most likely it will be easier and less expensive for me to send you a digital file and for you to get it printed yourself

What won't your draw?

I don't do illustrations of excessive violence, minors in sexual situations or anything promoting hate speech or racism (or, yah know, anything I just don't wanna).